Without Bruises


Without Bruises takes readers on JJ’s turbulent journey through a relationship with a sociopath, and sheds light on the often missed signs of emotional and mental abuse. In a grueling, year-long battle with depression and with the help of family, friends and a life-changing therapist, JJ rises from the ashes better than before. She bounces back with a stronger sense of self, purpose and power, and it is her mission to share a message of hope with the world.

Cheryl Thomas Fortune Talks Abuse, Healing And Forgiveness during Without Bruises Series Part 3

Without Bruises Series, conversations around healthy relationships, physical, emotional, and mental abuse, and how to ask for help. A 4 part FACEBOOK LIVE series featuring guest speakers leading up to the launch of my new book, Without Bruises, set to be released on October 22, 2016. 

Sometimes we are quick to overlook the signs of abuse even when they are staring us right in the face. Special thanks to Cheryl Thomas Fortune for joining my Without Bruises Series to discuss abuse and healing.