Without Bruises


Without Bruises takes readers on JJ’s turbulent journey through a relationship with a sociopath, and sheds light on the often missed signs of emotional and mental abuse. In a grueling, year-long battle with depression and with the help of family, friends and a life-changing therapist, JJ rises from the ashes better than before. She bounces back with a stronger sense of self, purpose and power, and it is her mission to share a message of hope with the world.

JJ Speaks about Life, Love and Dreams With Dreams Without Limits Radio!

I was featured on Dream Without Limits Radio earlier this week!! We talked about the power of taking risks, signs of a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship, the legacy I want to leave for my daughter and more!! Special thanks to Alex "Nemo" Hanse for having me on!

Foreword By Cathy Hughes

I'm honored and delighted that Ms. Cathy Hughes will be doing the foreword to my upcoming book "Without Bruises". I've worked for Radio One Inc. for over 15 years and it's been such a blessing to work under her leadership. Cathy Hughes is a phenomenal woman who is dedicated to educating and informing our community. Cathy's life story is inspiring and powerful. From becoming at single mom at 16 to running the largest African American owned and operated broadcast company in the nation. She is an icon of integrity, hard work and perseverance. Thank you Ms.H for your encouragement and support.